Estate Rules

Please note that Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate has certain rules to ensure that everyone can enjoy the estate in peace. Below are some of the most important rules. Please adhere to these rules as management of the estate can and does fine transgressors, and we want our guests to have a pleasant experience. Security have the right to escort you off the property if your group become unruly.  This is out of our control, the estate management rules need to be strictly adhered to. 

NOISE LEVELS: Please respect the peaceful nature of the reserve and keep noise levels to a minimum? You are on a residential wildlife estate, so please be considerate to other visitors and residents. The estate is not a place for loud music, wild parties or all night drinking. If security is called out, you will be liable for any fines issued.

FIREARMS, FIRES and FIREWOOD: No fire arms will be allowed on the estate. Please do not collect any wood on the estate. There are many poisonous trees and burning the wood / eating food cooked on the wood of these trees can be fatal. Scorpions also hide inside dead wood and we have many potentially lethal species in the area. Firewood may be bought from the two petrol stations in town as well as the Pick’n’Pay & Spar. Please only make a fire in the designated braai areas and please be responsible. With thatch and a dry bush, fires can quickly become uncontrollable. If you enjoy the night around the campfire, please would you return the chairs inside before you turn in for the night? Please also be safe and do not leave a roaring fire in the pit when you turn in.

ROADS & GAME DRIVES: You are staying on a wildlife reserve. Please obey the speed limit of 30km as speed trappings with steep penalties are levied. Please be aware of the animals around you. Small critters such as snakes, chameleons and tortoises are often found in the road. Warthogs and impalas also tend to run or jump in front of your car. In your welcome pack there is a game drive route map of the estate for you to enjoy at your leisure. Be sure to check out the bird hides – a great spot for sundowners! Kindly dispose of your litter in the bins in the lodge and do not throw this into the bush?

LAUNDRY : Please do not air your laundry on the fences or hang it out where it can be seen? Speak to the housekeeping staff if you would like some laundry done. Alternatively, there is a Laundromat in the Pick’n’Pay Centre.