General Info

CHECK IN / OUT TIMES: Check in on day of arrival from 14:00 – 16:00. Check out time is 10:00. Kindly return the keys to the main gate on check-out or return them to the office if during working hours.

SPEED LIMIT / SPEEDING FINES: The speed limit on the estate is 30/kmh. If caught speeding, you will be liable for the fine.

POWER, WATER & AIR-CONDITIONING: We live in nature and from time to time – electrical outages and water shortages are par for the course. Should there be a power outage, there are candles under the sink in the kitchen. Power is a treasured resource here. Please turn off the air-conditioners when you leave the lodge.

SMOKING: If you smoke – please do not do it inside your unit? Please also dispose of cigarette butts in the ashtrays / bins provided and not in the bush.

FIRES: Whilst you’re most welcome to enjoy your braai, please make sure to douse all flames and embers before you retire for the night – they are a fire hazard.

TOILETS: Our drains are French and while this sounds lovely and foreign, they are very sensitive to foreign materials like sanitary ware, plastics, dental floss etc etc. If it’s not bio-degradable, please dispose of it in the bins provided? Our drains and our local plumber thank you for your co-operation!

SECURITY: When you leave your unit, please ensure all windows and doors are shut. Monkeys and baboons will enter your unit if it is not locked up when you go and this can really put a damper on your holiday when they vandalise your unit. Also keep food out of sight, baboons have been known to break windows to get to food (especially fruit) if they can see it. Any baboon or monkey damage will be billed to your account and an additional R1000 cleaning will be levied. While Hoedspruit and the estate itself are safe areas, burglaries can still happen if you are not vigilant! Remember to lock your valuables up and keep your lodge locked when you are out.

ANIMALS BIG & SMALL: Please do not leave any food outside or feed the wildlife. They are wild and thus unpredictable. Please be aware of the smaller critters – like the centipedes, snakes and scorpions. They can be dangerous. There are a variety of animal species on the estate such as giraffe, zebra, kudu, impala, waterbuck and wildebeest; night animals such as porcupines, civet, and genets. There are also dangerous animals such as leopards and honey badgers as well as hyena. It is perfectly safe to walk around the estate during the day however, please be cautious at night.

HOUSEKEEPING: Housekeeping is available on weekdays and Saturdays at R150.00 per day. Please note that there is no cleaning service on a Sunday or on public holidays. As our staff have several lodges to clean every day, we realise that they may not always arrive at a time that is convenient for you. Should that be the case, then please understand that the staff may not be able to return the same day. Refuse can be dropped off at the refuse site at the entrance to the estate. Please arrange housekeeping with Clarissa by 14:00 latest the day before.  Cell: 081 737 8339.